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Internetbanken Företag

Secure, quick, reliable – via the Internet

Internetbanken Företag is the Internet bank for all your bank business needs.

Internetbanken Företag is an easy, time-saving and secure way to handle all your company’s bank businesses, at your convenience.

 With Internetbanken Företag you are able to:

  • make safe payments; domestic within Sweden and cross-border
  • real-time inter-account transfers between own accounts
  • use payment monitoring
  • view loans and insurances with Nordea
  • buy, sell and replace funds
  • see and make transfers to/from your Savings Account Corporate

Please note that currently, Internetbanken Företag and its demo version, are only available in Swedish. However, it is still quite easy to use most parts of Internetbanken for English speaking users.

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